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Minicoat coatings

The Minicoat technology is a continuous procedure for the coating of pieces without traces of hanging over points.  Small pieces having relatively low thermal capacity are coated with polyamide. This procedure is utilised in mass and large-scale production. The thickness of the coating is between 100 µm and 300 µm. The Minicoat technology proves as practical, economical and of constant quality.


- Electrical and car building industry
- Clips and fasteners for corsetry
- Springs, clamps, decorative parts


- fără urme no traces of fixing points
- overall and seamless polyamide coating
- equal thickness of the coating in the mass production
- very good corrosion-protection
- good sound insulation
- high electrical resistance and insulation

Examples of products


Polyamide coatings,
Minicoat coatings, PTFE, Grit blasting technique, Polyethylene (PE) coatings, PVC,
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Actualizat: 28.04.2014