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Polyamide coatings

The polyamide coating is used for the finishing and protection of metallic surfaces. The polyamide coatings have high wearing resistance and very good insulating properties. The coating thickness lies between 200 µm and approx. 1 mm (exceptionally up to 4 mm). Due to their mechanical and chemical properties, polyamide coatings are used in many decorative and technical domains.  Polyamide coatings are produces with the fluidized-bed sintering procedure.

- Automotive industry
- Machine building industry
- Medical devices industry
- Food processing industry
- Fittings
- Outdoor furniture


- high mechanical and chemical resistance and durability
- high resistance to dielectric breakdown, good insulating properties
- good resistance to corrosion
- sound- and vibration damping properties
- high toughness
- very good resistance against greases, oils, fuels, hydraulic fluids, water, alkalis and many solvents
- good adherence on metallic surfaces
- low friction coefficient and good wearing resistance even without lubrication
- shock resistant
- high mechanical strength, elasticity and hardness of the surface 
- high toughness even in warm and detergent-containing water
- low heat conductivity
- unobjectionable in the food processing industry
- easy to clean

Polyamide coatings,
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Actualizat: 28.04.2014